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Using Headless CMS to power national awards website

Read how we used the latest Headless CMS technology to power a heavily-trafficed website.

  • Brief

    The existing Family Business Awards website was difficult to edit, restrictive, and unresponsive, meaning that engagement rates from mobile and tablet traffic were extremely poor. They needed a new site that would encourage family businesses in the Midlands to enter by providing a great user experience across all devices, with an engaging and attractive design.
  • Solution

    Kentico Cloud was perfect for this project, as it provided a simple interface that was a far cry from what editors were used to. The platform-agnostic nature of Kentico Cloud allowed developers flexibility on this project, and the result is a site with a stunningly creative design that engages users.
  • What we did

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  • 91%

    increase in sessions

  • 131%

    increase in pageviews

  • 21%

    increase in pages per session

  • 20%

    reduction in bounce rate

The UK's only independent, not-for-profit awards for family businesses

The Midlands Family Business Awards celebrate the best talent in the area, recognising the significant contributions that family-owned businesses make to our economy and community. The Wilson Organisation, the business behind the awards, is a family business itself, and sees hundreds of applications per year in their annual awards. They felt they needed a new site that would showcase the positive, fun and encouraging outlook of the company. 

The challenge

There were several challenges the previous Family Business Awards website were facing that meant managing the awards process was a difficult task. Firstly, editing content on the previous site was a struggle for the Family Business Awards, as they were very limited to the types of media that could be added to the site and restricted by limitations such as word count. In addition, the site was unresponsive, meaning that engagement rates from mobile and tablet traffic were extremely poor. 

Changing the role of editors with Kentico Cloud

As Kentico Gold Partners, we had exclusive access to their latest software for this project, Kentico Cloud. This offering allows users to input their website data within a simple, easy-to-use interface, then this content is delivered via a dynamic API, which allows developers to build the front-end of the site in any framework or language. Kentico Cloud changed the role of content editors, as they became involved far earlier in the project timeline. As part of Kentico Cloud, we also made use of Kentico Draft, which meant that content could be added as soon as the wireframes were signed off and back-end development started.This allowed for a highly collaborative process and also sped up the project timeline significantly.

Creating a site that's futureproof

The site itself was developed in the ASP.NET MVC framework using C#, with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript being used on the front-end. This also means that it will be far easier to refresh the look and feel of the site in future if needed, as the site does not have to be reintegrated with Kentico Draft. In addition, the new site is fully responsive, meaning that it works perfectly on mobile and tablet, which accounts for a quarter of site traffic.

Rapid turnaround

Kentico Cloud is incredibly quick to develop on, which meant that the total time for building the site was just one week. Using Cloud reduced the lead time of this project significantly, meaning that the project as a whole was incredibly efficient as the site launched shortly after development was finished.

The results

The newly-built site for the Family Business Awards has improved user experience considerably. Since the site launched, there has been: 

  • 131% increase in page views 
  • 21% increase in pages per session 
  • 20% reduction in bounce rate 
  • 91% increase in sessions 

These statistics represent the difference this project has made to the Family Business Awards and their entrants. The result of this project is a beautifully designed site which reflects the outlook of the Family Business Awards brand far more effectively than their previous site. Content can be added easily and changed depending on the time of year and status of the awards process.

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