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61% increase in B2B website engagement

Read about our experience in the legal sector, increasing inbound sales enquiries and user engagement.

  • Brief

    The existing site had a clumsy design, was difficult to edit, lacked the flexibility to adjust content and it was almost impossible to link content internally. Furthermore, DMH Stallard had multiple blogs on different platforms, which proved difficult for the editors to maintain.
  • Solution

    We were tasked with the design and build of a new website, one that would match DMH Stallard's ambitious goals and inspire confidence in their clients, both existing and prospective. The site was therefore built using Kentico's reliable and sturdy infrastructure in order to achieve and deliver the excellent results DMH Stallard was aiming for.
  • What we did

    • Strategy
    • UX
    • UI
    • Web Design
    • Kentico Development
  • 61%

    increase in website engagement

  • 23%

    improvement in bounce rate

Clients are their business

DMH Stallard is an award-winning law firm that has been providing high level legal services for over 10 years. From client-focused technology platforms and transparent pricing structures to non-legal account planners and managers, DMH not only offers the full package to their private clients but also acts as a natural partner to entrepreneurial businesses.

Putting discovery first

Distinction led a discovery phase for a period of over three months, that included a variety of information - gathering activities such as a detailed review of their existing website performance, a competitor analysis to identify any areas of opportunity, and a 6-hour on-site discovery workshop with some of their key internal stakeholders. All that helped us identify the main objectives and criteria for this project, explore the creative direction of the new website and clarify any areas of technical specification that would require collaboration.

Clear site wide objectives

  • To convey an informed and up-to-date knowledge of the industry through website content, including blogs, videos, case studies, whitepapers etc.
  • To give potential leads the confidence to pick up the phone and make contact
  • To increase engagement through blogs, the DMH Academy and events
  • To present a high-level impression of the business through the overall design of the website and attract the highest calibre clients
  • To present DMH Stallard as a great place to work and thus generate high-level candidates

Key attributes for success

Having followed all the key requirements, we built the site using Kentico EMS, allowing us to incorporate an improved site architecture and user experience. Responsive HTML and CSS templates are used throughout, ensuring the compatibility with all browsers without the loss of functionality or features. All their existing blogs are now incorporated under the main DMH website, allowing the content to be easy to edit and to cross-link internally. The new website is now responsive and easy to use for all users, regardless of their device or screen size.

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