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What is Paid Search?

Paid Search is a form of digital marketing which allows advertisers to show ads related to the keywords that users search for. Ads appear in the search engine result pages and operate under a pay per click model, meaning you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

The most popular platforms for Paid Search are Google Ads and Bing ads - we have experience with both.

Why should you invest in Paid Search?

Paid Search provides the ability to generate more sales or leads for your business. By allowing targeting using multiple dimensions, we can drive visits from the people who have the most value to your business.

Paid Search Services

Whether you’re completely new to paid search or think there’s room for improvement with your current ads, we’ll work with you to get the best results from your budget.

Paid Search Strategy

We tie in experience, data and an understanding of your industry to develop a holistic Paid Search strategy. We strive to deliver long-lasting value when creating your campaigns. From account structure, keywords, and ad copy; we focus on the details that bring success.

Currently, we're offering afree Paid Search audit for businesses who either want to get started with PPC or want to improve their current campaigns.

Paid Search Consultancy

We offer Paid Search Consultancy to help you understand where you are, where you could be, and how you can get there. We’re not about vanity metrics, we go all in to ensure our clients are getting the results they care about.

Paid Search Management

Distinction’s PPC management service includes a dedicated expert ensuring that your account is optimised in line with your budget. We also provide detailed monthly reports so you can understand what your budget has achieved and what impact it's had on your business. Making it easier to report ROI.

Why choose Distinction for Paid Search?

Distinction was established in 2001 and we've been delivering digital success ever since. With over two decades of experience - we've seen it all. We channel this knowledge and our learnings into delivering quality PPC campaigns that consistently make a return on your investment.

  • We’re results driven
  • We’ve been a Google partner since 2013
  • Detailed monthly reports, with insight that actually matters to your business
  • Expert, experienced, and friendly team

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Transitioning to an enterprise management system has also made our marketing efforts a lot easier and more effective. We’ve seen some great results, especially for our events, which see greater attendance and conversion rates.

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