User Experience Design.

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What is UX design and why should you invest in it?

User experience design, mostly commonly referred to as UX design, is the process of creating an experience that is most relevant to the wants and needs of the user.

It sounds obvious but building a digital product to suit how your user behaves online can produce many rewards for your business.

Remove Friction, Improve Experiences

Ultimately, the goal of UX design is to ensure that your customers enjoy using your product and that they can find what they need on your website.

Better experience means more engaged users.

Increase Conversions

Well-designed experiences drive higher conversions. By designing a customer experience according to their behaviour, you are far more likely to have them want to spend with you.

UX Services

We design award-winning digital experiences for ambitious brands who are looking to capture market share rapidly through innovative UX design. We offer a range of UX design services which are led by strategic thinking and meticulous research.

Whether you want to design a new product, improve your existing product, or require some support with UX design – we can add value to your project.

UX Audit

Is it time for your business to step up UX? Poor UX design can lead to a decline in engagement and conversions. We’ll use our expertise to examine the usability or your website - underpinned by the needs, expectations and decision-making logic of your users.

We can use the UX audit to kick off a re-design project, or you can take the recommendations and work on them internally.

User Personas and Journey Mapping

Before launching a new product or improving your current offering with UX design, it is key that we define your user personas and map their customer journeys.

We’ll use leading research techniques to pin down exactly who your customers are and understand how they want to use your product or website.

Wireframe and Prototyping

Wireframe and prototyping are the stages of UX design where we take the research and use it to begin building an effective product for your business. It’s the part where you’ll first be able to visualise how your site, application or product will look.

We’ll use it to collect data and figure out how best to serve your user.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this service, visit the wireframe and prototyping page, where you can learn more about our approach to this process.

Why choose Distinction for UX design?

Distinction has over two decades of experience designing digital experiences for brands across a variety of industries. We pride ourselves on our ability to truly get under the skin of your brand and use UX design to achieve progress beyond reason.

We’ve won awards for designing and building innovative and thought-provoking websites and applications.

To explore Distinction’s UX capabilities, take a look at some of our work.

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