User Interface Design.

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What is UI design?

User Interface design, commonly referred to as ‘UI design’, is the practice of designing digital products that are visually engaging and tell your customers who you are.

From colour palettes to the design of buttons, all elements of UI design are crucial to building a product that your users love and want to use.

UI design is like UX design, but they are not the same. However, the design of your product or website is best when UI and UX work in harmony.

UI Design Services

First impressions matter and good UI design will help to create long-lasting positive associations. We create seamless digital experiences that are aesthetically stunning and easy to use, even when your product is complex.

Whether your website needs to be re-branded in line with UI best-practice, or if you are building a product from scratch – we can help with your project.

UI Design Consulting

If you're going to undertake a rebrand or if you're interested in building a product from scratch, bringing in a UI design agency to consult can be invaluable.

The team at Distinction has accumulated experience across many industries and with unique projects – we can use our learnings to steer your product in the right direction.

We also offer UX design consultancy for products, as well as software development consultancy. Learn more about how we can help with your product launch by taking a look at our product strategy expertise.

UI Design for Websites

UI design plays a vital role in your website. Not only does it play a role in determining how it looks, but it also ensures that you're being accessible for your users with thought-out colour schemes and logical navigation.

As a digital product studio, we have a thorough understanding of how to design a website that looks good and works effectively.

UI Design for Applications

Your web and mobile applications are at the centre of your brand. Ensuring that your product looks good and can be easily used is integral to your customer experience, which in turn breeds brand advocacy.

We have an experienced design team who understand and have vast experience in implementing UI best practice into the design of new and existing products.

Why choose Distinction for UI Design?

Distinction has over two decades of experience designing digital experiences for brands across a variety of industries. We pride ourselves on an ability to truly get under the skin of your brand. We know that poor UI can stop your product from standing out from the crowd.

We’ve won awards for designing and building innovative products and driving progress beyond reason.

To see more of Distinction’s UI experience, take a look at some of our work.

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