Experience design.

Digital experiences should always be driven by the needs of the end user which is why we use design thinking to create standout experiences that consistently attract, engage and convert.

Expertise product design


User research and testing

Knowing your users’ needs and understanding their whole journey, we’ll help you drive more value by experimenting with the visualisation and optimisation of their experience.

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Competitor benchmarking

Undertaking competitor analysis to assess strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. Our benchmarking report gives you strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

Market analysis

By studying the dynamics of your market such as volume and value, customer segments, buying patterns, market trends and growth, we’ll provide you with a SWOT analysis to inform your strategy.

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Personas and customer profiling

Creating personas to help articulate key audience demographics, behaviours, reactions and needs means you’ll deliver an exceptional customer experience that drives conversions and brand loyalty.

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Customer journey and empathy mapping

Knowing how your customers feel and mapping the user journey to the navigational structure and layout of your content is critical in making sure every customer touchpoint is a satisfying one.

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UX and UI design

Good user experience is integral to good design. People expect intuitive, aesthetic user interfaces where every interaction needs to look right, feel right, and signpost them to get the best out of your product.

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Wireframing and prototyping

Designing from the ground up using an interactive tool, we’ll identify the hierarchy of content and plan the layouts with each customer touchpoint pinpointed so you can get a feel for the end product.

Usability testing

Continually testing, improving and iterating will help you find what works for your product to maximise results. From A/B testing to user behaviour analysis, we’ve got you covered.


Here are a few ways we can kick things off, depending on what you want to achieve:


1 day | $2,500

We’ll help you define, document, and align internal teams behind your personas leading to unified, customer-centric digital experiences.


3 days | $4,500

We’ll lead your leadership team through a workshop focused on visionary thinking to stimulate ideas, key objectives and high-level opportunities. Out of this comes strategic objectives and an action plan of next steps.


5 days | $5,750

An intensive and quick process that validates your idea with the market, identifying the opportunity with the highest probability of success.