News | 31 October 2022

Distinction is officially accredited for our flexible working and benefits

James Bloor 800

James Bloor

CEO and co-founder

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We're delighted to announce that Distinction has officially achieved ‘Flexification’ – the hallmark of a genuinely flexible company.

Flexification is a hugely coveted certification, with 40% of companies failing to meet the minimum requirements of being a flexible employer.

Incredibly, Distinction achieved an amazing 95% FlexScore™.

This means jobseekers can trust that Distinction offers a genuinely flexible working environment and benefits for all of our people.

What’s Flexa, and what’s the process to achieve accreditation?

Flexa benchmarks companies who offer flexible working environments and showcases their workplace benefits; providing people with the information they need to find truly flexible careers.

For companies hoping to achieve Flexification, they must complete a benchmarking process and an independent and anonymous employee survey. Flexa then verify and validate the flexible working environment, policies and the benefits on offer.

What does flexible working look like at Distinction?

Our ‘Work Where’s Best’ policy provides simple guidelines for our people that lets them choose when and where to work.

For many, the office environment still plays a vital role in their enjoyment of work. For others, interacting with others virtually instead is preferred. We respect both of these points of view.

Our team is all UK-based, but they come from all over the country and have the freedom to work from home, their local coffee shop, or that beautiful B&B by the coast they always wanted to visit.

We proactively encourage our team to work with purpose. Presenteeism, the act of showing up for work (physically or digitally), is actively discouraged. We support the team with paid sickness and mental health days.

Our office environments (in Nottingham, London and Boston, US) are all designed around collaboration.

If Distinction sounds like the sort of place you’d like to work, check out our current opportunities or subscribe to our mailing list if you’d like to be the first to know about new vacancies.