Insight | 18 May 2022

My time as a marketing intern


Tom Evans

3rd Year Student - University of Nottingham

Tags: Digital Marketing


On my first day at Distinction, I received a very warm welcome from all the team and was given a tour of the office and facilities. With such a diverse business model, it was safe to say I wasn’t sure what type of tasks I would be carrying out during my internship here. However, as part of my introduction with James, Distinction's co-founder and CEO, he explained what the next few weeks would entail for me along with a bit about Distinction and their services.

The first thing that struck me was the variety of different activities and business areas I would engage with over the week, something I came to particularly relish during my time at Distinction. Throughout every task I was assigned, the team was extremely helpful and supportive. In addition to this I was provided with the added reassurance that I always had someone to turn to with questions in the form of an allocated member of staff for a specific task.

My time at Distinction has taught me so much about the inner workings and operations carried out by a business on a daily basis, a lesson I will take with me into my future employment opportunities as well as my studies. More specifically, I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Optimise with Sean and applying it to real clients such as Heckfield Place and Air IT. I also learnt how to apply my findings from the research I obtained into some of the headings within Distinction's digital marketing canvas for clients, which was especially useful.

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Team lunch

Similarly, with Dane, I learnt how to apply different methods of research to the digital marketing canvas that was geared towards users and competitors as part of the user experience process. I found this session particularly insightful – also learning about the other components of the UX process specifically design and the concept of building up components from atom to an organism as part of a design system. On top of this I gained a thorough insight into customer journey mapping, from awareness to advocacy, something I believe will prove particularly useful for me in any marketing role I wish to pursue in the future.

I’ve outlined a few of my favourite activities but I feel that everything I engaged with at Distinction has been interesting and applicable. These insights into key areas of a digital business along with other essential practical sessions such as improving my LinkedIn profile with Helen and observing team and client meetings will be of significant use to my future career. Through this exposure to a vast array of systems and procedures, which I learnt from many team members, I became inspired by their extensive amount of knowledge in their field and their exceptional work ethic to ensuring their work is of the highest standard.

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Taking part in the team away day

I would like to end this short blog by expressing my sincere thanks to all the team at Distinction, you have all been wonderfully kind to me and extremely supportive throughout my whole time with you. I will miss the cheerful culture within the office as well as the positive and helpful energy you all bought to work, something that really added to my experience. Thank you all.

Thomas Evans | 3rd Year Business Management Student at the University of Nottingham