Opinion | 08 April 2020

Extending support for Kentico 12 Portal Engine

Greg Bloor 800

Greg Bloor

COO and co-founder

Tags: Development & Engineering

Extending support for Kentico 12 Portal Engine hero

Last week, Kentico announced that support for sites built using the Portal Engine approach has been extended by one year until September 2023.

But what does Kentico's announcement mean for you?

Kentico has your back

If the ongoing pandemic and resulting economic crisis have affected your business, you can rest assured that Kentico (and your Kentico agency) will continue to support your Portal Engine solutions until September 2023.

In addition to providing support for a prolonged period, hotfixes (security and bug fixes) for Kentico 12 Portal Engine will continue to be released until September 2021, giving you an extra 12 months of regular updates for your projects. For your peace of mind, if you require security updates and hotfixes to your site, we’ll be able to help you achieve these whilst they are supported by Kentico.

Whilst an upgrade to Kentico MVC is still required before September 2023, you now have a little breathing space if finances or team availability makes this impossible for you in the current climate.

A move to Kentico MVC is still the future

Kentico MVC is still the recommended approach and, according to the Kentico 2020 roadmap, will be the only choice for new projects. Due for release this September, Kentico has continued their commitment to moving away from ASP.NET Web Forms to ASP.NET MVC, as well as upping their support for .NET Core.

Despite this announcement, Kentico 2020 will still be an MVC-only version, offering a far more streamlined product and dozens of deprecated features being removed from the platform. As such there will not be a new Portal Engine version after Kentico 12 and if you’re looking to upgrade your site with the latest features, moving over to MVC will be the only way forwards.

On track towards a Digital Experience Platform

Kentico have consistently restated their long-term belief that success should reflect the quality of your offering, not the technology you can afford. You can expect them to deliver the five pillars of their product vision:

  1. Superior UX
  2. Enhanced native solutions
  3. Healthy ecosystem
  4. Easy integration
  5. Powerful development platform

The extension of Kentico Portal Engine support is aimed to help businesses get the most out of their Kentico website during these uncertain times and make sure you can continue to rely on the pillars of their product. If you’d like to discuss the Kentico roadmap and how it relates to your organisation, please get in touch.