Guidance for recruiters.

We’ll invest our time and money with the right recruitment agencies for us to the find the right people for us. It’s a two-way partnership. And so we only work with talent agencies on our preferred suppliers list (PSL).

Agencies that are NOT on our PSL

If you’re not currently on our PSL and we’ve not instructed you to work on a vacancy, please understand that any candidates you send to us will not be deemed to have been introduced to us by you.

This means your agency will not be able to claim you were the original introducer should the candidate be employed by us later on, and no finder’s fee will be payable at any time to your agency.

Our PSL will open for applications in April 2023. If you wish to be considered, please complete the form on this page.

Agencies that are on our PSL

If we’re looking for agency support on a specific vacancy, we’ll open the roles up to you via our ATS system, and you will be able to submit candidates directly to the system. Please do not submit CVs to us on a speculative basis; we have our own direct sourcing activity and we don’t want to compromise this. Should you decide not to follow this process then please understand that we’ll review our PSL and continue only with recruitment partners that adhere to this process and respect our centralised function.

Apply to join our PSL

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