We're one of the most respected, specialist digital product studios in the US. Our multi-disciplined team has helped over 200 clients in 11 countries create experiences their customers love to use.


Create your digital future

You want to stay ahead of the competition by recognising opportunities before your competitors do. You want to embrace the change you know you need to make to achieve your business goals with certainty. You want clarity and know your tech stack is future-proofed.

We can help you overcome challenges like losing market share, declining profitability, poor customer feedback and high technical debt. The digital landscape continually evolves so you can’t afford to stand still.

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Create standout experiences

You want to improve an existing product’s user experience or turn a proven idea into a market-ready product. You want to test a brand new idea or seize a new market opportunity. You want to inject energy, innovation or new skills into your internal team.

We can help solve problems like users not enjoying your product, launching a pioneering product before the rest of the market does, and not having enough time or resource inhouse to grow at the pace you need to.

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Build, maintain and support

You want to launch your product before anyone else does or you need to migrate to a new platform with a future-proofed tech stack. You need a proactive tech partner you can trust or you need development resource to boost your inhouse team’s capabilities.

We’ll get you to market fast through agile development and design sprints. And we’ll alleviate your worries about the security, compliance, maintenance and ongoing support of your digital product.

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Optimise existing experiences

You want to grow faster, increase your customer base and turn more prospects into customers. You need to collect the right data to make informed decisions. You want to upskill your inhouse digital team.

We ease pain points like high customer churn or low product adoption, your business just not growing quickly enough or needing to find additional revenue streams. We provide training for your digital marketing team so you become self-sufficient.

From early on in the project, Distinction simultaneously worked to plan and execute our roadmap whilst educating our team. The plan was always for us to be self-sufficient and we realised that aim more quickly than expected thanks to their impact.

Mike Pyland

CTO, Recorded Books, Inc.


The successful delivery of our work hinges on a set of core beliefs. It’s how we work as a team and how we work with our clients. Getting buy-in from both sides is how we get shit done.

Belief #1

Beta today. Better tomorrow.

We must be comfortable making strides today even if we’re unsure what tomorrow will bring. Keep moving. Keep improving. Learning as we go.

Brand Triangle
Belief #2

Be reasonably unreasonable.

Conventional thinking doesn’t shape the future, diversity of perspective does. Innovation happens when questions are asked. So we respectfully challenge where it’s for the good of the work.

Brand cross
Belief #3

Small teams for the win.

Small teams bring flexibility, speed, expertise, clarity, decisiveness, and motivation. Nothing stops a project as fast as decision by committee.

Brand hexagon
Belief #4

We go all in.

Healthy teams are committed to the cause, even if individuals would’ve chosen a different path had they had their way. Results are hard to achieve without collective commitment.

Brand Circle

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You’d expect any digital product studio worth its salt to rack up a few awards over the years. Here are some of ours.


And just in case you need any more proof that we’re a decent bunch of people, we’ve got these badges of honour too.

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